Quiver Duck Butt Mallard Drake Hunting Decoy

The Edge Innovative Hunting Quiver Duck Butt Mallard Drake Hunting Decoy is a heavy duty foam product. It is designed to create movement in your spread. It features a weighted keel with the anchor attachment. The unit is waterproof and hence no fear of it getting spoilt while in the woods. The unit is […]

Alaska Fishing and Hunting Attractive to Many People

Before I took my vacation up to Alaska, I put together a list on my hunting gear. Before then I had a little understanding of how large Alaska was, and how remote some of its destinations. My Alaska fishing guide told me a fact that is common knowledge to many, but that had eluded […]

Stainless steel sharp blades given away for free?

I have to say that this cc knife is something everyone should see. In line with others that have been using it for quite some time or have used it before, the specially constructed blade requires less upkeep.

Like hunting or if you’re camping out, this knife is ideal for slicing through hard boiled […]