Simple Advice for an Airbrush Artist

One great way in trying out your airbrush is to use a cheap even surface with black paint. You won’t have to be spending a great deal of money just to start out, wait on buying additional colors until getting yourself more at ease at color airbrushing. You’ll want to be experimenting with the […]

Beginners Tips for Airbrush Artists

To learn new methods will always be a challenge. With airbrush art you are trying out a brand new kind of art, therefore, your very first effort on airbrushing will give you the impression that it can be a slow process to master

Firstly, try out your airbrush by simply using some inexpensive even […]

Finger Painting: Just for Kids?

If you remember the frivolities of kindergarten and pre-school, you probably remember the three best moments: Snack time, nap time and finger painting. But how do all of those marvelous things transfer to the real world? The adult, working realm that we both need and dread constantly? Snack time has become […]

What is Cubism?

If you’ve ever wondered how it would look if someone chopped the world up into pieces and glued it back together, never fear! Cubism is here.

Although it isn’t as simple as that, the core concept of Cubism is taking different objects, people and environments, chopping them up into fragments and […]

How to: I want to Oil Paint

So, you want to oil paint? Well, don’t get too antsy yet. There are a few things you need to know before you grab that canvas and create your masterpiece.

First, you need some oil paint. Now, don’t be intimidated by the sheer amount of oil paints that fill the art […]

Internet Memes: The New Pop Art?

By now, everyone knows what internet memes are. Heck, even the Republicans and government officials have used memes in their campaigns in order to better relate to the younger generation. Of course, it was all erroneous but it still shows just how far making a silly picture on the internet goes […]