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California State is one of the highly populated areas in the United States of America. The Golden State has manifested an estimate of 38 million inhabitants as of the year 2011. This state ranks first when it comes to the number of people residing within a certain region in the country. The various people living in California have the privilege to have on hand their vital records. Some of these are birth certificates, marriage copies and California Divorce Records among others.

Divorce is clearly defined as the permanent termination of a marriage contract. The decision is finalized by the court wherein the guidelines and verdict are said in front of the involved parties. The state of California has an elevated divorce rates almost every year. Some reasons of the incident are lack of communication between couple, financial difficulties, being victims of abuse and addiction. Whenever marriages are hard to reconcile, divorce or annulment happens between married couples.

The California Department of Public Health Vital Records office maintains and updates vital records registered within the state. Certificate of Divorce is issued by the office for cases registered between 1962 until June 1984. Aside from those dates, requesters of the file must visit the Superior Court in the county where the event happened. If you want to obtain certified copies of the decree, it can be requested at the said court.

There are two types of copies that you can retrieve from the California Department of Public Health. Certified authorized copy and certified informational copy. Before you can have these documents, you must fill up the application form requesting copy for the divorce record. Providing complete information will help make the search easier. Precise copies will be released upon your request that will answer the purpose of the report.

Requesting copies of the Divorce Records costs $13 for every copy. The mode of payment must be through money orders or checks which are payable to California Department of Public Health Vital Records. It will take more than six months to process the request from the said office. However, you can visit the Superior Court of the county if you want to have faster transactions of your annulment copies. All requests are sent to the California Department of Public Heath Vital Records – MS 5103, P.O. Box 997410, Sacramento, CA 95899-7410.

Divorce Records are some of the many essential legal papers that a person must obtain a copy for personal file. It can be used to support other legal actions and certifies the current status of the person holding a divorce decree. Searching for these kinds of legal papers can be done through the web. Online searching is one of the various means and ways to obtain needed information without spending much of your time and finances. It can be performed easily with the use of handy devices like laptops and smartphones. It lessens the effort of visiting offices just to know the availability of your needed files. Make your life easier and utilize the accessibility of the services offered by the government by means of these advancements.

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