Advantages of Using Steel Frames for Granny flats Construction in Perth

A lot of people usually ask the question “is steel framing the right choice for my granny flat?” this just depends on the choices available for the clients and the skills of the contractors. Steel is actually a great choice for kit homes. However, if you choose to design your own home with steel framings, you should hire builders who are experts in steel constructions.

Let me cite few advantages of using Steel frames for the construction of your granny flats in Perth area:

Number 1 Advantage

– Cost Effective material

There are a lot of lightweight steel construction materials being manufactured by trusted companies today. These materials almost have the price of lumbers. And because they are easy to build, clients will worry less for labor cost. Plus, compared to woods, it can last for a long, long time, thus doesn’t need too much maintenance.

Number 2 Advantage

-Very strong material

Steel are known to be strong materials and are perfect for safely constructed kit granny flats. This means that the builders will only need few materials to support the construction compared to using timbers. This also helps in making sure that your family will be safe as strong materials can be an assurance for a strong structure.

In case you ordered for a transportable granny flat, this material will keep the kit homes very sturdy. So, you don’t have to worry much about damages when you would be transporting it to another location.

Number 3 Advantage

-Termite and wood pest proof material

One of the most common problems in wood framed granny flats perth WA is the infestation of wood pests like termites. Finding treatments and prevention for these pests can be a very costly and bothersome job. Woods will need to be treated and maintained year by year.

So, if you want to get away from costly wood pest problems, you should use steel for the construction of your kit homes!

Number 4 Advantage

-Environmentally friendly

Most steel materials for construction are recycled. This is a good way to help in conserving for the environment. Plus, if ever the structure will be demolished anytime in the future, these steel materials can still be used for the construction of other structures.

The steel construction is said to have the highest ratio of strength to weight material. This means that there will be lesser waste on landfills. Also, imagine how much wood will be needed cut down for the construction of your granny flat compared to how much steel is needed to complete your granny flat designs.

Number 5 Advantage

-Fire Resistant and Earthquake tested

Steel is famous for being fire resistant. It can also withstand strong earthquakes and even strong winds. Steel is indeed very safe and very convenient for the family’s safety. Utilizing this material for your kit homes can be a great way to protect your investment in case natural disasters happen.


Steel constructions can only be effective as long as you have the best kit granny flats builder to work with it. These people should know the basic advantages of steel and how to utilize it for their convenience and for the convenience of their clients.

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